Deluxe Box

This is the gold standard of rolling paper displays. It includes our full range of products in an eye-catching, small footprint golden box. It fits easily behind sales counters, bars, news stands, kiosk displays and everywhere smoking accessories are sold. The box is refillable, with space for 50 long packs, 24 rolls, 44 short packs and 64 filter packs.

De Luxe
Home Box

Home Box is a new gold domestic diplej, which contains a complete range of products. Unlike De Luxe, is intended for domestic use and that means a smaller size. You can find all our products into drawers and one drawer for the other users. Coming soon!

Prague Gold Premium
Papers - King Sizes

Our King size package is our flagship product. It includes 40 premium papers for the same price that our competitors offer just 33. This is a clear advantage that customers appreciate. We are also ahead of the competition because our tropical glue is unique on the market, resisting moisture at up to 85% humidity, whilst the competition comes unglued at 50%.

Prague Gold
Premium Rolls - 5 m

This is a 5m long strip of standard width cigarette paper, complete with our special tropical gum. This is about 1.5m longer than the typical competitor rolls on the market. The long strip allows smokers to prepare a custom cigarette according to their own needs using a low weight, high quality paper with smooth and even combustion properties.

Gold Short Papers

Our 60mm short cigarette papers are a new offering from Prague Filters & Papers. The high quality paper is soft and easy to roll, has no discernible aftertaste, is free of bleaching agents and rubber content is reduced to a minimum, and also uses our new Tropical Gum adhesive.

Gold Filters

Our package of 50 filters is an ideal complement to our line of rolling papers. The paper is selected for the ideal weight and absorbency to provide structure and an effective filter when rolling. The packaging is designed to prevent damage or soiling to any filters before use.

Our product development process has always included feedback from our customers and incorporated the needs of smokers who appreciate quality and value.

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